Gifted Theory - IVRY (DEADSTOCK)

Gifted Theory - IVRY (DEADSTOCK)


Deadstock is the term for merchandise that was never sold. We don’t believe in putting product on sale, so instead we re-purpose deadstock by printing new graphics inside out. This was once called the “Gifted Children” Tee. Now it’s been remixed into the “Color Theory” tee but at a better price. THIS ITEM IS FINAL SALE.


Consider it a collectors item. We are polluting the planet by making way too much stuff. Shopping less is the first step. But since you’re here, when you decide this shirt needs a face lift, please send it back for us to re-purpose as a “009” archive piece.

009 is our collection of vintage finds; branded with OMONDI embroidery and sewn by real human hands (not machines) in our studio. This will cost you but will give the product a 2nd chance at life. SEE 009 VINTAGE for reference.

Email: for inquiries.

100% ringspun cotton. Printed in New York.

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